HSLF: HTTP Header Sequence based LSH fingerprints for Application Traffic Classification

International Conference on Computational Science. (ICCS) 2021

Zixian Tang, Qiang Wang, Wenhao Li, Huaifeng Bao, Feng Liu, and Wen Wang*.


Distinguishing the prosperous network application is a challenging task in network management that has been extensively studied for many years. Unfortunately, previous work on HTTP traffic classification rely heavily on prior knowledge with coarse grained thus are limited in detecting the evolution of new emerging application and network behaviors. In this paper, we propose HSLF, a hierarchical system that employs application fingerprint to classify HTTP traffic. Specifically, we employ local-sensitive hashing algorithm to obtain the importance of each field in HTTP header, from which a rational weight allocation scheme and fingerprint of each HTTP session are generated. Then, similarities of fingerprints among each application are calculated to classify the unknown HTTP traffic. Performance on a real-world dataset of HSLF achieves an accuracy of 96.6%, which outperforms classic machine learning methods and state-of-the-art models.